I led the creative team through the launch of Boosted's new electric scooter. This project involves everything from photography, art direction, web design, and advertising.
Senior Art Director
Web Designer
On the heels of raising $70m in Series B Funding, Boosted aimed to aggressively expand their product lineup from electric skateboards to include electric scooters.


In late January 2019 we kicked off the project. We had 4 months to name, brand, and launch this scooter. There was a lot of work to be done that ranged from packaging to an aggressive out of home billboard campaign. During this time I hired a handful other designers and creatives to join the team and assist with launch. Timelines were tight, but spirits were high. We hit the ground running and wouldn’t stop until this scooter was on the road.


We met with current Boosted customers, potential customers, and people who haven’t ever heard of Boosted to ask them about their perceptions and attitudes towards electric scooters. We used our learnings here to inform how we should position our scooter in the market. We found that this audience was very safety conscious, and pragmatic, but still had a knack for fun. From our research we crafted our key adjectives and attributes to build the marketing campaign around.

We put together our art direction based on our user research and key attributes. Vintage colors with emphasis on orange and teal accents helped connect the scooter to Boosted’s brand. We embraced both studio and lifestyle looks in the launch content and caught to show strong juxtaposition against current commuting options. Embry Rucker, Michael David Rose, and I shot all of our launch content.


On our website we faced two major storytelling challenges on the web. 1) How to bring scooters and skateboards together in way that felt authentic. 2) How do we elevate Boosted’s brand so that we truly are seen as an electric vehicle company vs a toy company. Our scooter was hands down better than anything else on the market. We needed our site to really tell that story.

Crafting the Story for Video

We teamed up with our friends at Sprinkle Lab to help create the launch video. We collaborated on the script, storyboarding, and production. The launch video had several goals. It needed to introduce Boosted Rev, highlight its unique features, and highlight Boosted's past pedigree as a successful manufacturer of electric skateboards. This was a major differentiator for our brand and we wanted to show the world that we've been at this for a while now. This electric vehicle isn't our first rodeo.

Launch Video: I was involved in concept development, script writing, art direction, and on set production.
Behind the scenes with Sprinkle Lab.


Our exec team felt it was important to really make a splash with out of home advertising. Our product solves transportation problems so running ads in transportation zones makes a lot of sense. We created a campaign on a super short timeline and coincided it with the launch. To be honest, this is one area that I think could have been better. We struggled to find alignment with our stakeholders for the creative direction. The ads came out "safe" but could have made a larger splash with a little more confidence and boldness in the creative direction.


Launch was a huge success for Boosted. We made headline news all across the country. Our scooter broke through the noise and garnered the attention of news outlets and celebrities. I'm really proud of the work our team pulled off.


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