60 Seconds of City
Riding a board through a city deeply connects you to that place. For this project we sought to capture that feeling. No music. No special effects. Just pure riding through icon cities. I shot photos in Chicago and San Francisco and worked with photographers in other cities to create imagery there.
Art Director

Brian Chu (Filmmaker)
Terry Berensten (Filmmaker)
Christian Rosillo (LA Photographer)
Jeremy Cohen (NYC Photographer)
Videos were created by Werehaus (Terry Berensten and Brian Chu)
Boosted's marketing team needed to create landing pages for four iconic cities. I shot photos for San Francisco and Chicago and worked with Christian Rosillo and Jeremy Cohen for creating content in Los Angeles and New York City. We sought to create imagery told the story of the city, not the boards or the brand. Our aim was to capture the love story between board riders and their beloved cities. The following images are what I captured of San Francisco and Chicago.
San Francisco