Boosted Gen 3 Launch Campaign
Boosted was launching a new generation of electric skateboards. I provided the art direction and photography for the launch and teamed up with my friends at Werehaus to create a launch video.
Art Director
Werehaus (Video Production)
Terry Berensten (DP)
Brian Chu (Director)
Hayden Shaum (Designer)
Michael Davide Rose (Studio Photography)

The first day of the production we rented a warehouse and shot the launch video. On day two we took our team of skateboarders and a skeleton crew of creatives and shot photos around San Francisco. I took all of these images while Terry and Brian shot video. Things were scrappy as I shot photos while hanging out the van door but I think that scrappiness gives the imagery a true feeling of authenticity and fun. On a third day we shot product photos in a studio with Michael David Rose. I did all of the post-production editing work.